The comparative analysis between motorcycle and shower heater parts lies in different parameters. Manufacturers have to produce spare parts to help its customers to enhance the durability of the appliances. How can you dispose of a whole motorcycle just because a side mirror is broken, similarly, you cannot remove the entire shower heater unit simply because the shower heater has a crack? This is the point the spare part business thrive. Some business experts will argue that there is always a deliberate move by manufacturers to create a point of weakness in their products to create a market for spare part business. Anyway, how will motorcycle and shower heater parts investors maintain their business when all products are durable and have a longer lifespan?

I may not buy the argument but I personally think, you are at liberty to choose the grade of the appliance. A first grade is reliable and durable though expensive while the second and the third grades are an inexpensive option. For example, heaters from Navien are renowned for durability and efficiency although you also have Rheem models to choose from.

Let us look at the difference in terms of the following phenomenon


You cannot risk with automotive, their spare parts are made of steel with hard plastic to ensure they are able to withstand the heat. Unlike shower heaters which are made from the simple plastic material which is lighter, to be able to work with the principle of buoyancy when in contact with water. The light material helps it to become portable and maintain a state of balance.


Motorcycle spare parts are expensive compared to shower heater parts, this is attributed to the material. The more the material the higher the price, in fact, manufacturers of metal take pride in their products for they guarantee durability compared to plastic material manufacturers.


Motorcycle spare parts will give you value for your money. In case the motorcycle is used for transport purposes (common in the African market) it will take you time to replace that means you will have got money since it will serve you for longer. The shower heater parts are a replica of the original part, so you will not spend time going for service just to prove its efficiency.


How available are the spare parts? In every part of the continent where they sell their products, they must ensure there is a retailer or a distributor of the spare parts making them more reliable. In the case of shower heaters, their reliability is not guaranteed because it is considered a luxurious asset in the home. The different brands to accommodate a touch of class and elegance gives its retailers a hard time, since it becomes capital intensive to order and stock the diverse tastes of the spare parts.

Motorcycles and shower heater parts cater for the same market but have a distinct difference in their usability and availability of the products. This difference is seen in the business chain of distribution – distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers for they are the first contact as far as the spare part business is concerned.