The basic and luxurious rider’s Equipment

The tools and clothing for a rider act as a protective and safety tool. There is no need to risk one’s life just because of simple ignorance. It is for this reason most countries put the motorcycle gear as a policy for every rider. The worst scenario is on the African continent where a motorcycle is a form of transport, in a bid to make money and capitalize on the loose laws and regulation, a single motorcycle carries four people including the rider without a helmet. That is the reason for high cases of fatal motorcycle accidents. The extra protective clothes help to maintain one’s health especially among riders who have additional chest complications. You want to sample different gadgets to give you additional functions for your motorcycle.

Some of the equipment helps to add fun to the riding experience. What are the most basic and luxurious riders equipment?

Safety and protective gear

Helmets, jackets, pants, socks, gloves, goggles and raincoat are some of the protective gear which comes in handy during uncertainties like a head-on or a slide or a fall. Helmets prevent head injury, pants protect the lower limbs, gloves give warmth and protect the finger, goggles come in handy when you have an open headed helmet and you need to protect your eyes, the raincoat or a waterproof jacket keeps you dry while riding during rainy or winter season. All these are basic equipment for a rider, in states where they follow traffic rules to the latter, failure to have any of the motorcycle gear leads to conviction due to the violation of traffic rules. Ignorance of the law has no defense, equip yourself with rules of the land to be on the safe side of the law. Motorcycle accidents are fatal, the safety and protective gear come in handy to reduce fatalities and serious injuries.


A motorcycle is a machine prone to breakage and breakdown due to wear and tear effect. The rough terrain enhances mechanical problem, smooth terrain, on the other hand, does not spare the automotive. A toolbox with pliers, spanner, hammer, glue, tape, screws and a few nails come in handy to give you a reprieve to the next mechanic. Otherwise, you might be stuck in a dangerous place for the simple reason of not having a toolbox to handle minor mechanical problems.

Luxurious equipment

GPS system, camera, radio, earphones, and sporting equipment of your choice add glamor to the riding experience. You need to capture some of the spectacular events, you are lost in the course of your riding, a GPS gadget comes in handy to sort you out and give you direction and any other relevant additional information. Listening to music soothes the soul and creates a fulfilling atmosphere and a sense of contentment. However, do not use this gadget to compromise on your safety, if you can mount them on your motorcycle to free your hands and concentrate on riding then the better for your safety.

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